Infreemation Volunteer

Infreemation Volunteer is a software management system built specifically to manage your volunteers and training requirments

  • Infreemation Volunteer is a software management system built specifically to manage your volunteers and training requirments

Product Description

Infreemation Volunteer is a software management system built specifically to manage your volunteers and training requirments.

  • End to end process, from sign up, vetting, approval and event booking
  • Manages mandatory and optional training requirements
  • Volunteer Portal which allows volunteers to search events and book spaces on events
  • Volunteer approval process which allows the vetting of ID documents, CRB checks
  • Customisable volunteer signup form with the option to collect any information you wish during the signup process
  • The system supports unlimited volunteers, events and users
  • The system supports online training courses which can be uploaded or linked to

  All our dedicated servers are UK based. No data is held outside the UK

  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant

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Infreemation Volunteer is a complete online system which can look after all the volunteer requirments.

There are two parts to his system. Both parts are included in the pricing.

The first part is the volunteer portal which allows volunteers to sign up and upload any documents you require such as ID or a CRB certificate.

Once the application is complete the volunteer can submit their application for approval.

The administration part of the system allows your staff to monitor and process applications which have been received. Staff can communicate with protentional volunteers via the system to obtain more information if required. Custom workflow allows applications to be processed in various ways. For example, for certain volunteering roles additional checks may be required or oversite from other staff before the application is approved.

The application form is custom built by you. You are free to add questions types (such as text, drop downs, file uploads etc) to the form. The form supports ‘killer questions’ where the application can be processed and rejected instantly based on a question.

Once approved volunteers can login and volunteer for events based on their listed skills or roles

Key Features

  • Supports unlimited volunteering events, volunteers and applications
  • Events can be theme based, eg, research days, fundraising. The themes are set by you
  • Events can be restricted by the volunteers role, skill set or location
  • Events can be reoccurring or one off
  • Events are displayed on a calendar making it easy to locate suitable events for volunteers
  • Events can be customised with images and text
  • Events can have a maximum number of volunteers, when reached the system will stop further volunteers from applying
  • The system is complete with a volunteers enquiry module which allows current volunteer and new volunteers to ask questions. These questions can be assigned to system users to answer
  • Fully brandable system including colours and your organisation logo
  • Volunteers can self-book events, make changes and cancel their attendance
  • Volunteers can search for events by location, skills or roles
  • System users can search for volunteers by location, skills or roles
  • The system supports downloadable calendar reminders and email reminder notifications before events are due to start
  • The system supports downloadable driving directions to events
  • Supports unlimited locations
  • Web based or web app based means the system and portal are accessible on all devices
  • System admin users can contact all volunteers on an event
  • System admin users can bulk email volunteers based on skills, roles or their location
  • The system supports volunteers training courses
  • Push training courses to volunteers
  • Handles eCourses - these can either be hosted or linked to
  • Records completed eCourses (where supported by the eCourse)
  • Complete volunteer learning journey
  • Manages mandatory and optional training requirements
  • Unlimited users and volunteers
  • Unlimited user accounts (system administration users)
  • Reduced admin work
  • Encrypted data - all sensitive data is encrypted using industry standards
  • Typically training only takes around two hours
  • Save staff time - no need to create and maintain an in-house system