Room and venue booking software

Room and venue booking software

  • The room and venue booking System is an online room and venue booking system, allowing staff to book meeting rooms and venues with only a few clicks

Product Description

The room and venue booking System is an online room and venue booking system, allowing staff to book meeting rooms and venues with only a few clicks.

The system is highly flexible and can tailored to your organisations requirements. Our friendly and efficient staff will setup the system to your requirements so you can start using it from day one.

Quickly and easily find rooms or venues based on size, location or equipment with a powerful search feature. Make bookings using a familiar and intuitive calendar showing room availability.

Order extra equipment, catering and invite attendees. Once booked email confirmations can be sent to everyone who is attending as well as support staff.

Create recurring appointments on a weekly, two weekly or monthly basis. Any conflicts are highlighted to you can pick alternate rooms.

  Available on the UK Government Digital Marketplace under G-Cloud

  All our dedicated servers are UK based. No data is held outside the UK

  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant

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Key Features - Overview

  • Easily find and book an available room or venue in less than a minute
  • Manage meeting room and venue bookings easily while including catering requirements, attendees and required resources
  • Optional approval of bookings and automatically email reminders on the day
  • Easily cancel and amend bookings
  • Users booking rooms do not need to login to book rooms and venues

Key Features - Users

  • Rooms and venues can be located by category, building or site
  • Users can book rooms based on equipment available, size and availability from a calendar view which can show availability as far in the future as needed
  • Rooms can be booked using a simply click or alternately a quick and easy booking form
  • Bookings can be amended or cancelled with attendees automatically informed
  • Users can add private requirements or notes into a free box which will be seen by attendees of the meeting
  • Users can add public requirements or notes into a free box which can be viewed by any user
  • The system can send appointments and request attendees
  • Faulty equipment can be reported by the user booking the room. This report can be forwarded to your facilities department or anyone who needs to see it

Key Features - Administrators

  • Administrators can add new bookings, update existing books or cancel bookings already in the system
  • Administrators can approve or request booking requests
  • From the password protected administration pages system admin users can create multiply rooms which can be broken down by categories, buildings or different sites
  • Administrators can setup each room with a description, pictures and equipment. Custom fields can be added and attached to each room, for example clinic codes for hospitals and cost codes
  • The system records user and administration interaction for auditing

Key Features - Reporting

  • Reporting in the system can be run on a date range basis
  • Where applicable reports can be displayed in pie charts, bar charts and line graphs. Data can also be exported into Excel
  • Reporting on room and venue utilisation rate
  • Reporting for historic or current bookings
  • Reporting for cancellations by room, user or overall cancellations
  • Reporting for equipment requested, used or faulty
  • Reporting for user and administration auditing
  • Extra reports can be added


This software is part of the CloudApps suite of business tools. CloudApps software is accessible via a single login and can be setup within minutes. Additional software can be added to your subscription at anytime. CloudApps: AdType CloudApps: Asset Tracker CloudApps: Business Alert CloudApps: Case Tracker CloudApps: Fire Safety Management CloudApps: Fleet Management CloudApps: Online Accident Book CloudApps: Parent Alert CloudApps: Project Mill CloudApps: Room Booking


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