Infreemation Advocate

Infreemation advocate management software for local authorities

  • Infreemation Advocate is a management software system built specifically to manage your organisations advocate requirments

Product Description

Infreemation Advocate is a management software system built specifically to manage your organisations advocate requirements.

Infreemation Advocate is a complete online case management system to handle Advocate enquiries and manage your organisations independent people.

Users of the system (employees/volunteers) can login and book training via a simple calendar style interface. Training can then either be accepted automatically or sent for approval.


You can accept referrals via your existing email address or online website form. Referrals are automatically imported into the system and can be assigned to a member of staff to process. There is also an option of manually creating cases in the system for paper or verbal referrals.

Assigned users or administrators can add notes either in text format or as an attachment (eg, PDF, Word documents etc). The system supports unlimited attachment size.

Independent People

Infreemation allows you to build a database of IP (independent people) who you can match against young people based on various search criteria. Infreemation handles the IP vetting in relation to document checks and it will automatically remind you when documents are expiring and need to be updated. The IP can access the system and maintain up to date documents.

Infreemation will also process your IP training requirements, keeping detailed records on the training completed and by which users.

Infreemation provides an advanced case management system, at a lower cost than developing in-house. The functionality and flexibility Infreemation provides also makes it much more effective than using tools such as Microsoft Excel and Access.

Key Features

  • For employees, advocates and volunteers
  • Keep a detailed log of interactions between advocates and the young person
  • Upload files, notes to the case timeline
  • Process cases by assigning them to users to work on, users can login add notes, files and other information about the case
  • Manages the uploading, checking and approval of documents for vetting. Such as insurance documents and driving licenses etc
  • Sends automated emails to employees/volunteers to remind them to book training for independent persons
  • Built in reports that inform you about mandatory and/or optional training which is due for renewal
  • Built in reports that inform you about expiring document checks
  • Independent persons can login and upload updated documentation and rebook training via the system

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  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant

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