Case Studies

Case Studies

East Herts District Council

We've been using Infreemation at East Herts for a year now, and can honestly say the improvement in our FOI processing from the day we implemented it was dramatic. The case handling and workflow make allocating cases out to officers, and receiving back in the information, incredibly easy. Customer management, reporting and case tracking are now a matter of a few mouse clicks… combine that with email alerts for officers on looming case deadlines, and it really has become an essential tool for us.

Infreemation has streamlined our handling of FOI's; making the process simpler, more efficient, more robust, and more transparent to senior management. With the volume and the complexity of FOI requests only increasing year on year, we couldn't afford to be without it.

Sussex Police

During 10 Days Live Parent Alert was used to keep in contact with various participants and parents of the competition winners.