• Infreemation
    Cloud based FOI, EIR and SAR software
  • Infreemation
    Cloud correspondence and enquiries software
  • Parent Alert
    Cloud based SMS software for schools
  • AdType
    Cloud based artwork automation software

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Benefits of using Software as a Service


SaaS is much cheaper compared to software you install on each workstation

Quick to Deploy

Deployment is instant, you can login after receiving your username and password

No Infrastructure

We look after the infrastructure so you do not need to worry about hardware support

Guaranteed Levels of Service

We offer 99% up time guarantees on all our SaaS products

Backups and Data Recovery

Your data is safe. It's securely backed up each night while you sleep

Work Anywhere

Our products can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection


We use the latest encryption methods to protect your data

Cost Saving

No in house development needed, no cost per user - in fact no hidden costs at all

Seamless Upgrades

We update our software all the time with new features