Product Description

Infreemation works with: Freedom of Information Act, Access to Health Records Act, Data Protection Act, Environmental Information Regulations, Subject Access Request and The Medical Reports Act

  • Supports UK and Scottish legislation
  • All dedicated servers are UK based. No data held outside the UK

Infreemation is an easy-to-use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system built specifically to manage FOI requests. Its simple design means it will reduce the amount of time needed to handle FOI requests and ensure you never miss the 20-day deadline.

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Infreemation is a web application, meaning there is no hardware or software to install. You can access Infreemation through any internet browser via a secure login.

Infreemation provides an advanced FOI management system, at a lower cost than developing in-house. The functionality and flexibility Infreemation offers also makes it much more effective than using tools such as Microsoft Excel and Access.

Intelligent rules match similar requests allowing you to respond with previously researched information.

Never miss another 20 day deadline - Infreemation will alert you to expiring FOI requests so you have plenty of time to respond.

You can also optionally build a public facing archive of all previous requests, giving people the ability to search on previous requests.

Key Features - System

  • Infreemation is a CRM system built specifically to manage Freedom of Information requests
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Unlimited user departments
  • Unlimited requests
  • Customisable numbering system, eg, FOI-1, DPA-1 etc
  • Customisable internal and external emails. Internal emails such as new user alerts, request assignment alerts are fully customisable
  • Customisable views, tables with data export options for PDF, Excel and CSV
  • Colour coded system for received, due and overdue requests
  • Archiving system for older requests. The auto archive option moves older requests to a separate menu. This keeps the most current requests at the top. Archived requests are available with a few clicks
  • Predefined replies. These can be setup by the administrator and allow a standard way of responding to the customer
  • Customisable deadlines. Infreemation has been designed to work with Government legislation but also allows you to fully customise how the system functions
  • Customisable system statuses, such as received, on hold, customer response needed
  • Customisable cost per hour and internal billing options. Each user can log the time spent on each request. This builds up an overall total cost per request allowing you to keep within government guidelines on costing
  • Supports UK and Scottish legislation
  • Infreemation can be viewed on any mobile device and is fully compatible with both Mac and PC browsers
  • All requests and responses held in a central database
  • Limited training required
  • Free trial available
  • Complete workflow monitoring for System Administrators
  • Work smarter, not harder with the well-designed, simple user-interface
  • Cheaper than in-house development with just a low yearly subscription, including major updates and support

Key Features - Request Handling

  • Requests can be assigned to individual users or departments/groups
  • Automatic handling of email requests. Inbound email requests are processed and added to the system ready to be assigned by the system administrator
  • Automatic customer reply to new requests. This customisable message can detail the next steps and time frames
  • Requests are added to the request calendar. This allows easy viewing for received dates and due dates. Helping you to ensure you never miss a deadline
  • Fully supports Access to Health Records Act, Data Protection Act, Environmental Information Regulations, Freedom of Information, Subject Access Request and The Medical Reports Act
  • Automatic (via email) or manual request creation
  • Fully supports requests from email, post, fax, telephone and via your website
  • Weekly/daily alert summary emails which can be sent to users outlining outstanding requests
  • Unique request timeline feature. This shows you the full history of each request along with the timings of each action. This conversation based timeline allows someone with no knowledge of the request to pick it up and be fully up to date very quickly
  • Infreemation fully supports all types of attachments including Word documents, PDFs and images. Attachments sent to you from your customers are automatically imported and displayed as part of the request timeline. You can also send attachments to your customers as part of your response
  • The workflow can be customised to work as per your requirments. Click here to view a sample workflow

Key Features - Reporting

  • Customisable reports which allow you to export data to keep Government requirements
  • Reports include, requests per customer, assigned reports, overdue requests, user auditing. Over 50 reports in total
  • Reports can be added to Infreemation
  • Reports can be exported in various formats including Excel, PDFs or graphs

Key Features - Departments and Categories

  • Unlimited departments. You can setup unlimited departments within your organisation – allowing you to fully manage your requests
  • Unlimited categories. You can setup unlimited request categories and assign requests to them

Key Features - Customers

  • Supports unlimited customers. Each request received is held against the person or organisation that has requested it. This allows you to build up a full customer profile, including all requests, statistics and detailed reporting
  • Unlimited customer types. You can define extra customer types such as business, government, individual etc

Key Features - Users

  • Three main user types, administrators, standard users and read/view only. Administrators have full access to all features, standards users can assign and reply to customers and read only users can only view requests. You can also create your own user types allowing you full control over what your users can and cannot do on the system
  • Full internal auditing of users actions, including what they have viewed, updated, responded to and when they have logged in
  • Infreemation can be set to automatically disable inactive accounts after a customisable period
  • Auto lockout of accounts when the password has been entered incorrectly after a customisable number of attempts
  • Text/email messaging alerts to the system administrators alerting of out of hours logins

Key Features - Hosting and Data Security

  • All sensitive data is encrypted to industry standards
  • All dedicated servers are UK based
  • Daily backups are encrypted and stored in the UK
  • No data is kept outside the UK
  • All attachments in the system are automatically scanned for viruses and other threats
  • Supports two form (two factor) authentication for accessing the system
  • Supports IP restricted access
  • Customisable alerts for outside normal business hours access

Key Features - Existing Systems and Support

  • Data can be imported from your existing FOI system
  • Full email support is included as well as free updates to the system


Prices for Infreemation are based on your requirments. Please contact us for a quote.